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New H&E Subsection: Podcasts

November 5, 2007

Below and to the right is a new H&E subsection for podcasts—and podcast sites—I like (or might like). Here are my first links:

a. History News Network: HNN began exploring podcasts first among the history sites. They’re far ahead in the game. HNN focuses on authors, new books, and prominent figures in the field. I’m listing the site here to promote it further.
b. History 33 1/3: Dedicated to exploring new, non-mainstream history research. The site appears to be about one month old.
c. David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton’s Philosophy Bites: These podcasts highlight traditional and new philosophical topics in brief. Sometimes they also explore old and new books and authors.
d. My wife’s friend told me about a three-part series on declassified Cold War information. I haven’t listened to these, but I’m sure there’s a speculative, sensationalistic component. Nevertheless, the podcasts might at least serve as an introduction to many Cold War topics for beginners.
e. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History show. I just learned of this today, but I’m going to list it until I find a reason not to.

I guess that last statement about Carlin’s site applies to all the above, as well as future additions.

Any history podcast suggestions from H&E readers? – TL


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