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More Apologies

June 27, 2008

Despite feeling compelled to write, per this post last week, time for the same this week has been scarce. My advising work shifted into summer mode—which involves radically fewer in-person student appointments accompanied by an intense period of writing letters of recommendation. I have 50+ labor-intensive letters to compose by the first week of August.

My day-time “attachment” to the keyboard here at the start of this process has naturally affected my desire to do other writing in a negative way, no matter how worthy the means and topics. If things proceed like they did last summer, the adjustment period will take about a week, and the deeper forces of my thinking and habits of writing (on history and education), will rise to the top. It’s an issue of keyboard stamina. I will not be overcome! …[Pardon the drama.]

Furthermore, my normal adjustment period has been delayed by the fact that I’ve been involved in a professional advising conference this week. That is over as of this weekend, but it has pushed my transition period into next week. I predict that by next Wednesday or so postings will resume as normal.

In sum, this blog is not dead. It’s on temporary hiatus caused by social forces larger than me. Look for H&E to resume regular activity by the middle of next week.

Thanks for coming by! – TL

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