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Blogging Versus Mainstream Journalism: Reflections From A Professional Journalist (Not Me)

November 7, 2007

Those who know me well—heck, even those who know me a little bit—know that I am sports fan.

I confess that I used to be a rabid consumer of all kinds of televised professional athletic endeavors. Now, however, I’m a discriminating follower of particular teams. I admit, again, that I occasionally regress into rabidity when we’re talking about the Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, and Mizzou basketball and football (Can you believe the Mizzou football team is ranked #6 and #7 in the BCS and AP polls?!).

Perhaps you have your doubts about my moderation? In my defense I do stand resolutely against all forms of fantasy leagues and arcade sports. My arcane reference to video gaming as “arcade sports” shows how I don’t roll with those folks. I digress.

A fondness for football and sports writing, however, sometimes causes me to run across solid journalism. Take for instance the articles and weblog of one Joe Posnanski. Mr. Posnanski holds down a day job with the Kansas City Star, but writes for his weblog with this humorous warning: “The longest blogs on the internet or your money back.” You can find his not-so-short scribblings here. Lest you think me alone in my admiration, another well-known online writer (and academic) confessed his love for Joe’s writing here.

But I’m not posting on Mr. Posnanski today to promote his weblog or sportswriting. I draw your eyes to his work because of a thoughtful piece on the relationship between writing for a newspaper and weblog. While Mr. Posnanski’s reflection is made particular by examples from sportswriting, his larger points apply universally. Check it out. – TL

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