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Midterm Theses on Trump, Republicanism, and U.S.-style Democracy

December 17, 2018

1. Every Republican who voted for Donald Trump, supported him, or has remained silent on his rhetoric and actions, before and after November 8, 2016, should be held responsible. Every party official that supported his nomination should be expelled from the party for a period. Every official who has accepted an appointment by Trump and not actively resisted his policies should be barred from work by future Republican officials. Every GOP voter who has supported Trump should take a self-imposed two-year timeout from voting and political activity. In that time they should reevaluate their core social and political principles, rooting out whatever vices or malignancies that caused support for Trump.

2. No party should be allowed to nominate a candidate for president who has not been cleared of psychological disorders and/or assessed for mental acuity. Some sort of psychological evaluation for stability is necessary in a political situation where the president is in control of nuclear weapons.

3. No democratic republic (or republican-style democracy) should be situated such that a minority party or cohort can maintain elected office through geopolitical/statistical manipulation–e.g., gerrymandered voting districts.

4. If Trump is not removed from office, this should be considered a failure of the U.S. political system. No candidate who has violated as many ethical principles as Trump should be allowed to continue in office. Here I refer primarily to economic conflicts of interest. No officeholder should be allowed to continue as such when their policies have been shown to enrich the candidate or their family. No candidate reasonably suspected to be implicated in schemes by foreign powers to obtain their election should be allowed to continue in office until their name has been cleared. The current legal process that has allowed Trump to continue in office while reasonable suspicion has occurred is a failure of our political system.

5. Most all centrist accommodations to Trump by Democrats since 2016 should result in that centrist being defeated for office. Accommodation to Trump is the same as a Trump-inclined Republican holding office. These Democrats are traitors to people of color, refugees, and all oppressed denizens and U.S. citizens.


How am I doing? What have I missed? – TL

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One Comment
  1. Here’s a comment that was emailed to me:
    from: Javier Ramirez
    date: Dec 17, 2018, 9:56 AM
    subject: Mid term thesis

    I read your so called mid term thesis on Trump and found it to be an exercise in intellectual silliness. It is nothing other than mouth breathing pure anger devoid of reason.

    I proudly voted for Trump. To suggest that GOP officials who supported and voted for him should be expelled even temporarily is worthy of Stalin’s purges.

    Democracy is doing just fine under Trump. I have much greater faith in democracy’s ability to withstand anyone person. Tea partiers were breathing the same irrational nonsense under the Obama years. It was absurd then it is absurd today when done under the guise of some veneer of intellectualism.

    But as long as it makes you feel good to have written it I guess that’s all that matters.

    Javier Ramirez


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