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Those Kids In Idaho: Red Counties, Bus Drivers, Bloggers, And Local Paideias

November 19, 2008

Have you seen or heard about this? Absolutely horrifying.

Is this an Idaho public school problem or, in Lawrence Cremin’s terms, an eastern Idaho “paideia” problem? What are they teaching those kids in Rexburg, Idaho? Or, who are they allowing to be bus drivers in that community?

The article notes that Rexburg is in Madison County, and that county voted at an 85 percent clip for McCain. It has been unofficially dubbed “the reddest county” in America. I’m going hazard a guess that some counties in Texas or Appalachia could give Madison a run for its money.

Apparently bloggers and the liberal media are to blame:

Superintendent Geoffrey Thomas blamed the media for spreading news of the chants.

“In our district there was an isolated instance of children making regrettable and unacceptable remarks in regards to harming President-elect Obama,” Thomas wrote in a letter to parents Monday. “Word of this behavior leaked out to a hyperactive media and bloggers which in turn distorted way out of proportion the comments that were made, painting the entire community with the same negative brush.”

There’s nothing like taking responsibility for your school district, Mr. Thomas. If I were your superior, I’d say your job is now officially on the line. – TL

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