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Side Gigs

1. Teaching

On a part-time, per-term basis, I am willing to consider teaching all kinds history courses in the Chicago area, for credit or otherwise.  I have taught U.S. surveys (pre and post-CW, 20th-century), the history of education, world history (20th-century and post-WWII), the history of oil, etc. I’m also willing to teach a special offering.

2. TTH Consulting

Historical Thinking, Research, and Writing

My goal is to provide special answers to unique historical inquiries. If you have a problem, issue, or question, try me.

Interests: Institutions, Politics, Ideas, Groups, Corporations, People, Environment, Properties, People, Books/Publications, and Chicago and urban environments.

Presentations and teaching available.

Individual and corporate rates. There is no charge for the first consultation.

I reside in Chicago, but am willing to work remotely.

For more on me, check out my Bio page. Full resume or CV available upon request.


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