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On The Rise of Skywalker

December 27, 2019

I’ve now screened *Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker* twice. I have opinions and questions (10 total)—some lighter and others deeper (some spoilers ahead):

1. One does not kill a Jedi or Sith, lord, master, or regular, by simply throwing them down holes—not at least without decapitating or cutting them in half. 🙂

2. People were put off by the callbacks & echoes to prior films. They were, however, not mere reference points for casual fans, but important narrative signposts.They were necessary to a culminating point: the Jedi & Sith contain the historical spirits of their orders.

3. How do the planet-sized remains of a death star fit on another planet?

4. You can’t casually make General Hux a spy/traitor because of jealousy. You have to give that a bit more backstory to make it work. Regular imperial generals have never fared favorably to Sith trainees as right hands for Sith Lords. How did Hux rise in the first place?

5. BTW: We still need more on Poe Dameron. I feel sure that the film has set is up for a one-off on his life.

6. The most spectacular aspect of the six new films (I-III & VII-IX) has been the expansion of Jedi/Sith powers, by both suggestion & reality. The new films make the original Obi-wan/Vader saber fight seem like child’s play for such distinguished members of their orders.

7. We definitely need a spinoff/one-off about Rey’s parents. The Palpatine backstory deserves better treatment for fans.

8. The least believable part of Rise of Skywalker, given its backstory, is the finding & resuscitation/resurrection of the Emperor. Who found him? How? How was he revived? If the Sith rule is one apprentice/one master (per Yoda), how was the Emperor able to get around that?

9. The downplaying and leaving behind of Rose was a catastrophe of *Rise of Skywalker*. She deserved way better, and was set up for so much more after the last film. Prediction: She gets her own film, regarding her whole life and future post-First Order adventures.

10. I absolutely loved Billy Dee Williams in Episodes IV-VI, but his performance in *Rise* was wooden. He got too much screentime.

That’s it for now. Willing to talk more if others so desire. 🙂

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