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First Drafting the History of Trumpism

December 18, 2016

I really appreciate this first draft on the intellectual history of Trumpism from David Greenberg (in Politico Magazine). I agree with his affinity for Nash and the notion of paleoconservatism.

For my part, I would’ve given more emphasis to anti-elitism and also included anti-cosmopolitanism, as guiding ideals. Both are often written about today under the rubric of anti-intellecutalism (broadly defined). Both also animated resentment toward Progressivism and enthusiasm for the New Right. For the period since the 1990s, I also would have talked about the cross-over effects of deregulatory liberalism (i.e. neoliberalism)—i.e. how resentment toward it helped garner white middle-class votes for Trump.

But this is a fine start. David doesn’t name Niki Hemmer, but links to an August piece by her on the Neofascist urge (i.e. the Alt Right). – TL

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