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Tim LaHaye’s Circle of Fear

April 4, 2016

I ran across this on Twitter, courtesy of Randall Stephens. It’s from Tim LaHaye’s The Battle for the Mind: A Subtle Warfare (1980):


This is intriguing, but I’m more fascinated by what’s not listed—or not, perhaps, explicitly considered dangerous:

– Hard and moderately-difficulty-to-achieve Divorces;
– Lesbianism (gay men are apparently more dangerous, symbolically anyway);
– Immaterial threats;
– Country music;
– Public libraries—they are really the most dangerous thing out there, but apparently ignorance rates higher; segue…
– Intelligence is not, amazingly, listed as a threat;
– The lack of government is, apparently, not perceived as much of a threat.
Whatever is missing, that’s quite a circle of fear constructed by LaHaye. – TL

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