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George Will: Exemplar of the Weaknesses of Conservative Intellectualism Today

April 4, 2013

George Will demonstrates several things in this column:

(1) He shows how today’s conservatives have never met a singular straw man they were unwilling to puff up (e.g. Wisconsin’s DPI). On the other hand,
(2) Will demonstrates that the rhetoric and actions of anti-reformers must be having some effect—since he’s returning to education as a topic of high concern.
(3) Conservatives like Will also haven’t come to terms with the corporatized university. Finally,
(4) Will underscores the Achilles Heel of late 20th/early 21st century conservatism: it’s inability to cope with difference. I say this because even though conservative intellectuals rail against the problems of modernity, I’m not convinced their ideology would allow them to live peaceably in even the times of pre-modern, pre-liberal-state subsidiarity (e.g. small communities).

In sum, go to Will if you want a taste of everything that is wrong with conservative intellectualism today. – TL


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