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My Latest Homebrew

February 3, 2013

Notes from my latest homebrew:

Name: Lacy’s 5826 Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Initial Tasting Profile (2/2/2013)

Brew date: 1/1/2013
Bottle date: 1/19/2013
Temp at tasting: 60 F
ABV (est.): 7.3 %

Carbonation: Quite good (after 14 days in the bottle—primed with corn sugar). Both sample pours (from the same bottle) formed a 1 inch head.

Color: Deep burgundy-brown. This is about as dark as I’ve seen without getting into the porter category.

Clarity: There were no proteins in the bottle, and no solids on the bottom. It was in the primary fermenter for 10 days, and the secondary for 7 before bottling on 1/19.

Aroma: The typical Belgian yeast banana was strong, but also an inoffensive dark sugar/molasses sweetness

Taste-upfront: As expected, strong on banana and malt. I also detected some almost unidentifiable mild citrus (very ripe mango?), with a very mild alcohol hotness and—to my pleasant surprise—a note of black licorice. No appreciable bitterness.

Taste-after: Fairly clean, but not far from the upfront profile.

Criticism: None really.

Overall Grade: B+.

Qualitative assessment: This might be the best I’ve ever brewed at home, and it is certainly the best I’ve tasted with minimal aging. In terms of commercial comparisons with which I’m familiar, I’d put this
somewhere between a New Belgium Abbey Ale, a Kwak, and a Unibroue Maudite. I expected the last, but not the other two. I feel this is an excellent candidate for aging. I’m guessing it’ll develop in the bottle for a few years—if I can leave it alone that long. I’m amazed to get this kind of a beer out of a malt-extract kit.

Here’s what the BJCP says about this style overall. – TL

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One Comment
  1. Brian A. Graham permalink

    A man after my own heart. Makes me want to brew a batch of my own. I just don’t want the calories right now. 😉

    Best Wishes,


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