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Time To Read

December 28, 2012

Reading this piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates reminds me of how self conscious I used to be about not having read all the books (or authors) about which I was writing. People would ask me about a canonical text, or an Adler book (Mortimer J. that is), and when I replied I hadn’t read __X__ they seemed shocked. The irony here is that the deeper issue (i.e. time to read) is precisely *why* I was working on the great books idea *and* why the idea remains relevant today. We desire guidance in wading through and choosing those books that *may* be worth our time. And though we approach this issue subjectively, from the “I” position, we remain surprised that the answers contain large amounts of subjectivity–that the “great books” always deserve quotes and that your heroes are just my stamps. – TL

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