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A New Educational Ideology: ‘Edumetrics’

October 9, 2012

Definition: In the current education climate I see ‘edumetrics’ as the nefarious process—an educational ideology—whereby schools and colleges obsessively attempt to quantify all learning outcomes. At the school level, edumetrics became enshrined in policy with No Child Left Behind. But this ideology is also slowly creeping into higher education. Where edumetrics are regnant with educators, testing becomes the sole means for judging success. Testing begins to take up larger and larger portions of the time allotted for learning. Politicians and reformers, particularly of the types that populate foundations and advocate for charter schools, use test results to dehumanize the educational process for teachers and students. Edumetrics is an ideology more than a philosophy because it abhors philosophical and abstract thinking to focus on quantifiable outcomes. Habits of the mind are de-emphasized in favor of teaching students how to pass tests. – TL

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