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Poets, Historians, and Eavan Boland

February 5, 2012

An old friend brought this story to my attention this morning. Being partial to Yeats, I feel sure that I’d enjoy Eavan Boland’s work—at the very least. But I especially liked two thoughts attributed to her in the piece:

1. “Every young poet, to some extent, writes the poem in the air. And a certain kind of formal, well-structured poem was around me in the air when I was young. I laboured to write it…and for part of that time it was certainly someone else’s poem I was learning and labouring to write.”

If you insert “historian” and “history” for poet and poem, respectively, you could describe all sorts of folks in my corner of the world (including me, probably even now).

2. “My poetry begins for me where certainty ends.”

Good stuff—proving somewhat the relationship between the poets, the philosophers, and the theologians. But history always works with some certainties. We interpret where certainty ends, but we do that from points of (mostly) solid “fact.”

…Should I add “…and poetry” to the title of this blog? – TL

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