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Ebert Laments The "One-Percenters"

April 11, 2011

I’m with Roger Ebert on this one. Wealth and income inequality have become ridiculous in America.

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  1. Wealth and income inequality have become ridiculous in America.

    “Become”? It has always been that way, yes?


  2. Max: It's always existed here, but I'm not sure it's always been ridiculous. I don't fetish any past time period as “the best,” but I do think that income inequality was moderated through the 1950s and 1960s. Unions help, warts and all. – TL


  3. Tim: What in your view, is that symptomatic of?


  4. Max: Does your “that” mean my reference to unions, the period of moderation, or present-day ridiculousness? – TL


  5. Tim: In the early 20th century, 10% were haves and 90% have-nots, now those numbers are roughly reversed. But I think you are addressing the incredible increase in the degree of disparity—billionaires to poverty/homeless, yes?


  6. Max: I see what you're asking me. I did indeed mean the disparity. Plus, the middle-class is being hollowed out—which has long-term implications for the security of the nation. Too many people may have a seeming middle-class “income,” but they're working harder and have less time for needed “leisure work”–hence our increasing ideological polarities in politics and the danger of electing increasingly ignorant politicians (i.e. less time for political discernment). 10% of have-nots (extreme poverty) doesn't imply that the other 90% have enough to sustain a solid democratic culture.


  7. Tim, I fully agree. Next subject?


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