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And This Is (Yet Another Reason) Why Having Too Many Adjuncts Is A Bad Thing

April 11, 2011

“Q. But if you’re an adjunct instructor who teaches at three different community colleges, it might not be easy to get familiar with the programs and course requirements at each place [to aid students in need of academic advising].

A. That’s very true. And I’ve been in that position. I recognize that from experience. And often, the instructors in developmental-reading courses are exactly those people—adjuncts with multiple appointments. If colleges want to support adult-student persistence, they need to support those who are at the front lines. If instructors are going to fill that faculty-advising role, they need more support, they need more time, they need more pay, and they need more benefits. Otherwise, they really can’t; they’re already stretched very thin.”


This Q&A is taken from a news tidbit, summarizing some new research on student retention, relayed by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The study was conducted by Rosemary Capps at the University of Utah, and the story is by David Glenn.

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