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Ms. Gretchen Rubin: Snake Oil Saleswoman

March 1, 2010

I will add to the venenous chorus directed at famous/infamous hedgefund princess, Ms. Gretchen Rubin (a fellow KC native), and purveyor of advice on how to achieve happiness. I’ve selected a good picture of her to keep me from saying anything too mean.

First, it’s easier to achieve happiness through structure when you’re not scraping by and piecing together jobs. It’s continuously amazing to see class blinders at work.

Second, being described as… a “wonky Martha Stewart” is not a good thing. It’s akin to saying that you’re better at hiding your hypocrisy and staying out of jail.

Third, continuous activity for its own sake is not happiness. It’s called distracting yourself from reality.

Fourth, it’s nice to see that you’re putting that prestigious clerkship to good use for women—telling them (and men) how to stay happy by piling on resolutions and creating checklists. – TL


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