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February 26, 2010

This weblog is a massive retooling of my earlier effort, History and Education: Past and Present. Although that endeavor (H&E) began as a solo project, I eventually partnered with “publius” (aka Christopher Miller). Because that site came to include more than my own thinking, I plan to leave it in existence, for the time being. Even so, I’ve brought my H&E content here because Deliberate and Retrospect is an expansion rather than a leaving behind of subjects pondered at my old home. I will continue, by the way, to post at U.S. Intellectual History, but only on topics with a direct bearing on that beloved subfield of mine.

Deliberate and Retrospect topics will include politics, Catholicism, history, education, and whatever else is on my mind. The list under the major heading is meant only to provide strangers with some guidance on my major lines of thinking. While I refuse the label “intellectual” because of its pretentiousness—as well as implication that all of my posts will somehow be mature and perfectly thought out—this is meant to be a place where I expose some of my thinking. My goal, however, is to make this more about process than final thinking. If everything here is in some kind of draft form, that means comments are welcome—indeed wanted.

I realize that my weblog’s new title—Deliberate And Retrospect—is a somewhat incongruous combination of an adjective and a noun (primarily), respectively—if we respect common usage. I had hoped for a grammatically matching pair. Indeed, it is possible to make this pair match if we utilize two less common usages. Both terms, for instance, can be verbs. Although many do not use ‘deliberate’ as a verb, that sense is at least on the fringes of common usage. ‘Retrospect,’ however, requires a stretch. In a rare form it can be used as to denote the action of looking “back in thought,” or “to refer back to.” Use of the term ‘retrospection’ is a bit more common, if still rare. I felt, however, that “Deliberation And Retrospection” was a bit clunky.

Anyway, both of those senses—however uncommon—go toward my broader mission here to think through a variety of subjects. The goal was to break the bonds of posting only about history and education. – Tim


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