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The Undergrad Life: By the Numbers

February 9, 2010

This InsideHigherEd piece outlines the results of a Berkeley survey of undergraduates about how they use their time. The results are fascinating—even though the survey was conducted in 2008—before the big financial crisis. Of each person/student’s 168 hours per week, here are the relevant numbers:


1. 6.5 hours of sleep per night;

2. 41 hours a week on social and leisure activities, broken down as
2.a. 10.7 went to non-academic computer use
2.b. 10.5 to socializing with friends
2.c. 6.0 to recreational or creative interests
2.d. 5.4 to physical exercise and sports
2.e. 5.0 to watching TV, and
2.f. 3.5 to attending entertainment events.

3. 28 hours each week combined on class and homework—with variable out-of-class study time per major
3.a. 15.1 if physical sciences and engineering
3.b. 13.7 if biological sciences
3.c. 11.9 if arts and humanities, and
3.d. 11.5 if social sciences

4. 7.6 hours a week working a job

5. 6.1 hours on co-curricular activities

6. 1.8 hours on religious or spiritual activities.

7. Average weekly study hours per G.P.A.:
7.a. 3.60 GPA = 13 hours
7.b. 2.79 GPA = little less than 12 hours


By my count (for categories 1-6) this leaves 38 hours for eating and hygiene, or 5.4 hours per day. If you figure 1 hour per meal, that’s 2.4 hours per day for showers, hair, and make-up. 🙂 – TL


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