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Your Patience Is Appreciated

October 24, 2008

For those of you who check in regularly, thank you for your patience. I’m getting adjusted to my new job at UIC this week—which means a new commute, new hours, new tasks, new colleagues, new administrative headaches, new lunch spots (woo hoo!), a new coffee shop (meh), and a new sleep schedule. No big deal.

On Tuesday, moreover, I was distracted by thievery: I incorrectly locked up my bike and, at the end of a long day, I came out to a missing front tire. As Tommy Boy said, “I’m…an…idiot.” Of course there are few problems in life that money can’t help solve. So, after spending $75 at my local (very nice) bike shop today, I was able to ride home this evening. Amazingly my bike has sat outside by building for three days since the dastardly deed and nobody bothered with the seat or other parts. I guess the front tire was the bike’s sexiest appendage.

Anyway, I try to keep posts here focused on history or education, but I thought you deserved a peek into my daily distractions while awaiting a new on-topic post. – TL


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