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June 9, 2008

For those who regularly visit H&E, I apologize for my recent absence. Since the morning of last Friday, I’ve participated in two big events that involved both travel and many social obligations. Those events also caused a preparatory absence on Thursday.

First, on Friday I presented a paper at The Historical Society‘s annual meeting in Baltimore. My paper dealt with the Cooper Union‘s past subsidiary, The People’s Institute. Here’s a link on Cooper Union’s history. I’ve presented a couples of versions of this paper at other conferences (LAWCHA, SHARP, SSHA), but the THS panel involved reactions to immigrants and diversity in relation to democracy. I think I now have enough feedback to turn the paper into an article. But enough on that. I’ll write up my impressions of THS and Baltimore in a few days.

Second, we hosted family on Saturday and Sunday in relation to my son’s baptism. That kept us busy until late yesterday.

Despite these two happy distractions from H&E, I will review and answer comments in posts below. Thanks for coming by! – TL

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