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Blogroll Additions

May 22, 2008

1. Britannica blog—I remember being interested in Britannic Blog when it first arrived on the scene, about a year ago I believe. But I didn’t enjoy the first week’s posts, and neglected checking in for a long time. As of today, however, I like both its topics and format. I’m placing this in my “Other Blogs Of Interest” category.

2. Stanley Fish’s NYT blog, Think Again—Although I gave Professor Fish a hard time in this USIH post, I do like his weblog. I hope his current two-week hiatus doesn’t turn into a permanent vacation! Think Again will also be in “Other Blogs Of Interest.”

3. Alexander Pruss’s Blog—Professor Pruss is an associate
professor of philosophy at Baylor University. I ran across his weblog via links at Dissoi Blogoi. Anyway, I’m impressed with Pruss’s level of discourse, so I’ll keep an eye on the weblog over the next few months. Pruss will be listed under “Other Blogs Of Interest.”

4. Disability Studies, Temple U.—This is a group weblog that I found through a Penny L. Richards comment left at H&E. E-mails from Richards have filled my in-box for years, courtesy of her role as an H-Education editor, but I’m looking forward to learning more about her other areas of interest. I’m listing Disability Studies under my first blog category.

– TL


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