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And Why Did The U.S. Need To…

May 7, 2008

…drop a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki? Why do I ask, almost 63 years after the fact? See here for real pictures on the horrors of Hiroshima. Thanks to HNN’s Ralph Luker for the tip. [5/14/08 Update: It turns out that Sean L. Malloy, and hence Luker and myself, might be wrong about the photos. The pictures have been taken down and Malloy has offered an explanation. I’m leaving this post up because I still retrospectively question the need to have bombed Nagasaki. Malloy’s photos just gave me an entry-point for raising the question.]

Here are two other posts (one and two) where I brought a new written account of the horrors of Nagasaki to your attention.

As Robert McNamara said in Fog of War, paraphrasing Curtis LeMay:

If we’d have lost the war, we’d have all been charged with war crimes. – TL

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  2. I always keep in mind that the British term “Terror Bombing” was switched by the Roosevelt Administration to “Strategic Bombing” for US consumption. It was the same strategy, but Americans were absolutely unwilling to admit their own tactics.


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