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Academic Zodiac: My Outlook

March 5, 2008

What got me was how accurate this is in some ways:

Virgo: (August 22-September 23) You are probably a disagreeable person who likes to find minor things wrong with other people’s work or ideas, while not having any ideas of your own [Hah!]. You don’t like people, and they don’t like you, either, but that’s OK because you are better than they are, obviously [Chuckle]. You are drawn to organizing, labeling [Not so much], and categorizing [Sort of]. You are obsessively clean [well, not obsessively so] and fastidious about diet [Uh, not as much as I should be], and you have a cold, precise way of talking [Hmm…]. You frequently wear the same clothes [Wow, do they have a camera on me?!], with only minor color variations [All too true, I’m afraid]. You always get the job done in an impersonal, antiseptic way. Your academic future may include accounting, moral philosophy, rhetoric and composition, and physics [Note: No history or chemistry]. Otherwise, you should consider a career as a laboratory technician [Ruled out since 1993], sanitation worker [Probably], computer-support staffer [Yuck!], or textbook editor [To me that’s death by paper cuts].

You should know that, in high school, my career test indicated that I should be trashman. Isn’t an historian a kind of trashman—err sanitation worker? – TL


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One Comment
  1. This is too funny! Mine (Capricorn) at least said I should continue my study of history. Now, if I was only 30 years younger…


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