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Housekeeping: Blog and Link Additions

March 4, 2008

I’m adding to my links on the right:

1. Alterdestiny. Posts here randomly alternate between history and recent happenings. It’s just eclectic enough to keep me reading. It has four contributors: Lyrad Simool, Erik Loomis, M. Duss, and Mr. Trend.

2. American History 102. Run by Stanley K. Schultz, an emeritus history professor from the University of Wisconsin (Madison), the site contains numerous helpful links related to U.S. history from the Civil War to the present—my cup of tea.

3. Sub Chicago. These are the musings of an anonymous substitute teacher working in the Chicago Public School system. He/she jokingly calls her/himself “subhuman.” She/he is twenty-five years old and holds an Master’s degree in education. I’m interested.

4. Irish History PhD. This is anonymously written by a friend and former colleague in Loyola University Chicago’s History Department. She/he alternates between posts on Irish history, Ireland’s current issues, Irish-American issues, and her/his personal asides. Check it out.

That’s it—for now. – TL


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