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H&E Financial Disclosure: What To Do?

February 6, 2008

In the interest of full transparency, I want everyone to know that I’m an accidental business proprietor in keeping up this site. I say accidental because I engaged Google’s AdSense bar—located directly above, just under the banner—in order to have Google “crawl” through my site occasionally for search terms.

My sole purpose in doing this was to gain readers, not a profit.

I first engaged AdSense on September 21, 2006, and just yesterday, February 5, 2008 received notice that a check will be mailed for those services. Since 2006, AdSense has obtained 158 click-throughs from H&E, totalling $27.12 for me.

I’m not sure what to do with the money. Any suggestions? I’m not rich, but I’d consider donating it to a worthy cause in order to maintain the integrity of H&E. – TL


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  1. I donate mine, generally to a no-kill animal shelter in my area.


  2. why not create a fund (contributed to by other intellectual history bloggers) to fund travel for graduate students to your co-hosted conference?


  3. CM: Hmm…Interesting idea. How would I ensure that enough money made it into the fund to make it worthwhile? I suppose that's something I could work out with the GLHC folks. – TL


  4. Anonymous permalink

    Time to start a college fund.


  5. Anon,

    For the new baby, or in general?

    – TL


  6. TL–

    Even if you only get $50, that could help someone out quite a bit. For example, that's meals and entertainment for the whole weekend of a conference. Or one night at a cheap motel.


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