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H&E Slowdown

February 1, 2008

Friends and Colleagues,

Thanks to a January 29 addition to our family, postings will be hit or miss over the next few weeks. Christopher may add some material in the meantime, but I won’t resume regular posting until the week of February 18th. If you make comments on any prior postings I’ll do my best to give a brief reply.

I learned through a friend (and Wikipedia) that our new addition shares his birthday with the following historical and popular culture icons: Thomas Paine, the 25th president William McKinley, Anton Chekhov, John D. Rockefeller, W.C. Fields (my favorite of the list), John Forsythe (aka Charlie from Charlie’s Angels), Magnum P.I. (err Tom Selleck), Ann Jillian, Greg Louganis, former MLB player Steve Sax (always loved his name), and—drumroll please!—I saved the best for last—Oprah. Sigh.

As an intellectual historian, I dearly wished our boy would’ve been born on Jan. 28, the feast day for St. Thomas Aquinas. The closest we got, for Jan. 29, was the Bavarian-Italian St. Aquilinus (d. 650). Other saints sharing our special day are Blath, Voloc, Valerius, Sarbinian, Sarbelius and Barbea, Caesarius, and Papius and Maurinus. From a quick review, Voloc seemed the most intriguing—although the nature of the list means that each, of course, is more than admirable in his or her own right.



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