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AP Reading—In European History

January 9, 2008

I’m pleased to report that I’ve been invited to be an AP Reader in European History for the coming summer. This might seem strange to regular readers here because I focus most H&E discussions on my primary field, the United States. But I studied modern/recent European history, from approximately the late eighteenth century and onward, for my doctoral minor field at Loyola University Chicago.

While there I took courses with Professors Prudence Moylan, Suzanne Kaufman, Janet Nolan, Fr. Robert Bireley (S.J.), William Galush, and David Dennis. You can look up more on each here. I regret, however, while at Loyola, not taking at least one class with Robert Bucholz or Anthony Cardoza. Of course “modern” means something different to Europeanists, so a course with Bucholz would’ve been outside of my regular degree progress. And since the characters of my dissertation that interacted with European intellectuals were confined to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in mostly the northern climes, it is somewhat natural that I missed a course with Cardoza.

This year’s AP Reading in European history will take place at the University of Colorado, in Boulder I believe, in June. Any comments or suggestions on that venue? Have any “Americanists” out there found it difficult to handle exams on Europe?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the potential change of pace for a few weeks this summer. – TL


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