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Campus Social Issues: Thinking About H.S. Sex Education And Its Consequences For Higher Education

December 19, 2007

For about a year I have been tracking posts at a weblog called The Psychology of Education. Many of its pieces focus on mental health issues for primary and secondary school students, but occasionally something applies more broadly. While I make no claims for the universality of this particular post, it does give higher education advisors and administrators a sense of the strengths and limitations of our incoming students. I do not know the author—“Blog Meister” or “”—but hers/his is a well-reasoned, sensible, and sensitive description of the issue.

This may surprise some, but the abstinence teaching described in the post is decidedly ~not~ the sex education experience provided by my small-town, western Missouri public school. It is not that they were against abstinence, they just didn’t emphasize it as the primary goal.

I would like to hear, in generalized terms of course, from college-level health clinic workers. Are they bearing the brunt of teaching students what to do when their impulses and reason fail? What are the statistics today on college-level births and/or abortions? I fear the worst: rises on both counts. – TL


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