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Facebook And Historians: A Follow-Up

December 12, 2007

My H&E partner Christopher began experimenting with Facebook long ago. A few months ago he posted here on its possibilities for the history profession. Since then I’ve opened my own Facebook account, created a profile, found friends (both in history and beyond), and generally diddled with the site. It can be quite interesting, but it is also a time sink. We need no more of the latter in today’s electronic world.

One of my colleagues, Julian Nemeth—a Brandeis graduate student, Facebook friend, and soon-to-be-panelist partner at the January AHA meeting—brought this Chronicle of Higher Education story to my attention. Although I currently have no student friends on Facebook, I think this tip on professor-student “friending” is solid: “The consensus on friending seems to be: Accept students’ requests but don’t initiate any.”

Do any of you—students, professors, or otherwise—have any stories on friending? Any other wisdom to pass along? – TL

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  1. I've decided to avoid student requests altogether, and my profile is not available to anyone who has undergraduate status in any of the networks of which I am a member. Of course, that's not a guarantee that I will remain invisible, but it is a good start. It's my sense that I'd rather keep my private lives (yes, lives) seperate from the prying eyes of people who have enough grist for their gossip mill without knowing who my friends are or the like. I'm open to revisions, but I've decided for now to avoid the issue altogether.


  2. I'm not sure I know how to block undergraduates, as a group, from viewing my page. I just keep my profile on “by-invitation” status. I'll just stop them from looking when they ask, I suppose. – TL


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