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An Historian For __________ For President In ’08

December 5, 2007

I like Lincoln in ’08. He’ll get a lot of sympathy votes for his recently revealed medical condition. He also seems to have the middle-class white and black votes wrapped up. I’m unsure, however, of his wife’s bona fides as a First Lady. And, will Lincoln survive the critiques of Evangelitionists?

For whom (wink, wink) are YOU voting?

PS – I can’t speak for Christopher, but this is as directly political as my H&E posts will get in the next 12 months. – TL


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  1. The thing that bothers me about Mrs. Lincoln is her propensity for charging stuff. I am a little concerned that she will run up immense bills trying to redecorate the White House, thus making her husband vulnerable to political pressure.



  2. And I suspect that Mr. Lincoln's rhetoric against Big S-oil-avery is merely a ruse covering his Big Government propensities. – TL


  3. I am supporting John Brown this time around. He will smite our enemies.


  4. Well, Larry, I see your point. Brown is an inspiration to the Evangelitionists, the very group that doubts, or begrudingly supports, Mr. Lincoln. – TL


  5. Wait just a minute–Joseph Smith has thrown his hat in the ring. Now I'm conflicted!


  6. I like the story, Larry.

    Given this site's name and purpose, it's great to see the past paralleling the present—or is it the present at work in the past?! 😉 – TL


  7. TL–I've never been one to be outwardly political, and I don't really believe in making endorsements. But I may well engage in some discussion of the various candidates–perhaps because I am one of those voters who is not sure which direction is appropriate.


  8. CM,

    You said: “I am one of those voters who is not sure which direction is appropriate.”

    Ditto. Hear, hear! And I don't think I will know right up until the last day (as usual, for me).

    – TL


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