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History Resource Spotlight: Film & History

December 4, 2007

Sometime back my wife brought to my attention an online resource, Film & History. This site is rooted in the print journal with the same title. That publication came out of the work of the Historians Film Committee, founded by John E. O’Connor and Martin A. Jackson in 1970. The history of this effort is located here.

While this resource might be old news to some, what impressed me most about the website is its “Guide to Documentary Films.” Even casual observers of cinema-history intersections have likely realized the growth of this genre. With this in mind, Film & History‘s Guide is quite useful for its numerous documentary reviews.

I noticed a few potentially glaring omissions from the review list. Unless I simply missed them, I found no write-ups on Michael Moore’s productions, nor did I see a review of the documentary about Robert S. McNamara, titled Fog of War. I hope these reviews have been commissioned—or that I simply overlooked them on site.

I tried without success to find current information about Martin A. Jackson. An H-Net review revealed that he once worked for the Pratt Institute. When I searched the Institute’s site, however, I found no biography. Does anyone know where I can find out more on him? – TL


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