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Good Company On Grub Street

December 4, 2007

At first I was worried when I discovered this:

cash advance

But then I learned I’m in good company. Some pretty cool people slum at the junior high reading level, including Acephalous, Dean Dad, and Book Slut

What can you do? I suppose I could start freaking out the meter by throwing down some big words and phrases like poststructuralism, phenomenology, and objective idealism—or big names like Michel Foucault, Edmund Husserl, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. … Nah! -TL


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  1. However, I can identify very specific reasons for my, um, demotion? point of pride? shame? hilarity? … for my whatever. Can you say the same? (Doesn't matter if you can, 'cause whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.)


  2. I wasn't paying attention to Acephalous when that post was written, but how the heck did people get there with that search string?! Wow. People get to my site by looking up boring stuff like “linear thinking” and “Civil War football.” How's that for my history bona fideas? It probably explains my junior high reading level. – TL


  3. I think I've posted about the most popular search strings that bring people to Acephalous, but I can't find that post … because it contains those selfsame search strings. (Off the top of my head, I know “office sex” and “comic book rape” will both take you to my place.) As for the “fuck act theory,” well, that was a combination of “speech act theory,” which I wrote about pretty frequently, and with what I can only suppose was an intense frustration with said theory; so intense, in fact, they left out “speech.”


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