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HNN’s Cliopatria Awards

November 5, 2007

As a favor to Ralph Luker, I want all H&E readers to know about HNN’s Cliopatria Awards. If you follow the link you can vote on the following categories of history weblogs:

– Best Group Blog
– Best Individual Blog
– Best New Blog
– Best Post
– Best Series of Posts
– Best Writer

I haven’t voted yet, but I’m considering the following for HNN’s various categories (links in various places on the right):

– Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory
– Religion in American History
– PhDinHistory

I have no idea on posts and series of posts. I enjoy Tenured Radical’s writing and reflections, but I don’t know if her weblog—despite her background—qualifies as historical. Hmm… – TL


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  1. Tim: Thanks for the vote of confidence. It really helped. My department has been pressuring me to give up my blogging. I am glad somebody out there finds what I say useful.


  2. Sterling,

    No problem. I'm sorry your department is less than open-minded. I suppose that the only way to show them that you should be able to do what you desire is to also do well with regard to their justifiable demands. That nullifies their pressure.

    In the meantime I'll do my part to help by forwarding your name for recognition!

    – TL


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