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Anyone Watching Ken Burns’s "The War"?

September 24, 2007

So “The War” began airing in Chicago last night. Due to circumstances beyond my control (chores, mainly), I couldn’t sit for the program. I also won’t be able—again due to chores—to watch tonight or tomorrow. Any first impressions from last night’s program? I was wondering about its pre-air proclamation about telling The War’s story from the soldiers’ perspective. Does Ken Burns convey anything different on that point than “Band of Brothers”?

Here’s a review of Burns’s program by the Chicago Tribune‘s Maureen Ryan. – TL

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  1. Jimi permalink

    I'm a big Ken Burns fan, and Keith David fan- love his narration, so I'm kind of bias. I do think it should be a great documentary based on a couple of things. First, there appears to be a lot of unseen footage, which you would expect from the extensive research that Burns and his team performed. Also, the doc focuses on and promises to focus on the impact on 4 random towns in America- a new twist on a subject that's been tackled countless times. Some images have already stuck with me, and I can't wait for Episode 2.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    I have seen both episodes and when each has ended I could not move out of my chair. It is a masterpiece and every American should watch it.


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