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Friday Fun: History Trivia & Comment (9/14/2007)

September 14, 2007

On this day in …

– 1847, “Mexican-American War: Winfield Scott captures Mexico City” … And General Scott yells: Ole! Ole, ole, ole, ole! … I thought it was funny—especially alongside this sober picture.

– 1886, “Typewriter ribbon patented.” … Compare to 2000 trivia below for a kind of pace-of-technological advance lesson.

– 1917, “Russia is officially proclaimed a republic.” … Hah!

– 1927, “Modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan died in Nice, France, when her scarf became entangled in a wheel of her sports car.” … Oh, the irony.

– 1948, “Groundbreaking for the United Nations headquarters in New York City.” … Useless Information of the Day, Part I?

– 1987, “The Toronto Blue Jays set a major league record for most home runs in a single game – 10 – versus the Baltimore Orioles at Exhibition Stadium, and the teams combined to tie the record for most homers by two teams – 11.” … And yet another positive record was created that belongs neither to my beloved Cubs or KC Royals. … Sigh.

– 1994, “Acting commissioner Bud Selig announced the cancellation of the rest of the baseball season on the 34th day of a strike by players.” … Thereby ushering in the consequent over-reaction: permissiveness on performance-enhancing drugs.

– 2000, “Microsoft introduced the last update to the OS, MS-DOS. (Version 8.0).” … You decide: This is Part II of ~either~ my aforementioned pace-of-technological advance lesson ~or~ Useless Information of the Day? But no matter which you pick, isn’t this a great epitaph?!

[Sources: NYT, Wikipedia]


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