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New Publication: Journal for the Study of Radicalism

August 20, 2007

Over the weekend I received a flyer from Michigan State University Press about a sparkling new publication called the Journal for the Study of Radicalism. I’m intrigued.

The announcement reports the following about the journal:

“JSR engages in serious, scholarly exploration of the forms, representations, meanings, and historical influences of radical social movements. With sensitivity and openness to historical and cultural contexts of the term, we loosely define ‘radical,’ as distinguished from ‘reformers,’ to mean groups or individuals who seek revolutionary alternatives to hegemonic social and political institutions, and who use violent or non-violent means to resist authority and bring about change. The Journal is eclectic, without dogma or strict political agenda, and ranges broadly across social and political themes, issues, groups, and individuals worldwide, whether typically defined as ‘left’ or ‘right.’ “

The editors are Ann Larabee and Arthur Versluis. Assistant editors are Adam Capitanio, Noah Blon, and Nels Brogren. The book review editor is Meaghan Kozar.

And as I was perusing the Editorial Board, I learned that – among six from Michigan State (out of 16) – one noteworthy member is Paul Murphy, my colleague over at USIH! Academia truly is a small world. – TL


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