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In Memoriam: PhDinHistory

July 10, 2007

After a glorious, long weekend away from computerland and the “internets,” I learned from Ralph Luker at Cliopatria that the relatively new PhDinHistory weblog is already deceased.

I’m with Ralph in seeing this as a sad end. While I felt that PhDinHistory’s anonymity probably wasn’t serving the best interests of his or her topics (notwithstanding the author’s personal interests), I enjoyed checking PhDinHistory’s statistical angle.

I’m not a fan of the reductionism often inherent in statistical analyses, but I appreciate the kinds of questions those analyses raise. Statistics are a means to an end, especially in history. But most folks, unfortunately, in the population at large seem to transpose my ‘assistance take’ on numerical analysis. Not PhDinHistory. Statistics were treated appropriately there.

I hope that Mr. or Ms. PhDinHistory has moved on to better things? Best of luck to you! As a salute I’m going to leave your link to the right active for one more week. – TL

PS – For the second time in a month or so, I’ve posted on something already covered by Robert Townsend at the AHA weblog. I guess this what it feels like to be a day late and a dollar short!


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