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Corporatizing Higher Education

June 25, 2007

Recently I’ve noticed a number of Google searches on variations of phrase “corporatizing higher education” or the “corporatization of higher education.” If you’ve come to History & Education through just such an activity, the following directions will enrich your findings here:

1. Find the “Search Blog” function in the upper-left-hand corner of page;
2. Type in “corporatization” and touch the rounded-corner square just to the right of the search square. About 5 posts should come up.
3. Other search terms that should be fruitful include: not-for-profit, non-profit, and “university of phoenix.” A great many comments on University of Phoenix postings covered the notion of corporatizing higher education.

The reason this extra step is needed at H&E is because the label function only became available through blogger after several posts here had covered the subject. – TL


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  1. TL–do you think we've touched on this theme so often because of the pecuniary concerns you've outlined so well in your “costs of student debt” series? To wit–we're concerned about money and education because we're so concerned about earning money to pay off our educational debt?



  2. CM: That's a good point. Those coming to H&E on this topic ought to also look up “student debt” or “debtor students.” – TL


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