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New Site Blogrolled: PhDinHistory

June 11, 2007

A few weeks ago I opened a discussion about a new history weblog, PhDinHistory. Although I’m still uncomfortable with its anonymity, I’ve decided to blogroll the site. The deciding factor was basically the relevance of professional topics being covered there: general history research questions, state of the profession, job market, etc. Check it out.

Update: I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I just went to the AHA’s weblog (at about 9:55 a.m., CST), and noticed that Robert Townsend also recommended PhDinHistory today! I think this is indicative of the relatively small arena that is – right now – the world of history weblogs. I decided to post on PhDinHistory this morning after noticing the site in my browser’s url history bar over the weekend. I realized then that I wanted to revisit the site’s merits. I suppose it’s nice to know that another respectable professional in the field (Doctor Townsend) came to the same conclusion as me. C’est la vie. – TL


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  1. Thanks for this Tim — it's a good blog. BTW, do you think it is too cheesily like the MLA to to a panel on blogging at one of the big conferences?



  2. TR,

    No, ~I~ don't think it'd be cheesy at all. While a few of us are aware of the merits (and demerits) of historians blogging, more perhaps might like or want exposure.

    The issue, for whoever proposes this, would be framing the topic to please a selection committee. All the large conferences have themes, and blogging would have to be twisted/repressed into the annual paradigm. [This is where the MLA is better in that it welcomes discussions of new forms of expression: we historians seem a bit more conservative in general on that particular point.]

    And per Manan Ahmad's issue (much discussed at HNN), other “considerations” would have to be made. – TL


  3. PhDinHistory permalink


    Thanks for the Blogroll. I appreciate your vote of confidence, notwithstanding your reservations about my anonymity.


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