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Friday Fun: History Trivia And Comment

February 16, 2007

On this day in . . .

– 1868, “The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was organized in New York City.” [Source: NYT]

I hope someone called animal control.

– 1883, “Ladies’ Home Journal is published for the first time.” [Source: American Heritage]

I wonder if it was a quarterly, and if roundtable discussions were something to be taken literally?

– 1923, “The burial chamber of King Tutankhamen’s recently unearthed tomb was unsealed in Egypt.” [Source: NYT]

I can’t think of King Tut without picturing Steve Martin on “Saturday Night Live.” Who knew that an ancient Egyptian king could become a popular culture sensation? Thinking of Martin makes me want to buy his “Wild and Crazy Guy” album. Man, he was funny.

– 1937, “Wallace H. Carothers, a research chemist for Du Pont, received a patent for nylon.” [Source: NYT]

This explains why I hear women uttering that infamous swear word – Carothers! – every morning while dressing for the office.

– 1968, “The nation’s first 911 emergency telephone system was inaugurated in Haleyville, Ala.” [Source: NYT]

Why Haleyville? Did someone’s cat get stuck in a tree? To tell you the truth, I did wonder whether this was civil rights related. Can’t a guy make fun of Haleyville without getting all serious?!

– 2002, “The operator of a crematory in Noble, Ga., was arrested after dozens of decomposing corpses were found stacked in storage sheds and scattered around the building and surrounding woods.” [Source: NYT]

This sounds as odd to me now as it did in 2002. Did this guy really think that he wouldn’t somehow be discovered? – TL


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