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New ‘History And Education’ Member

January 26, 2007

Dear Readers,

I’d like to introduce Christopher Miller as a new member of H&E. Christopher is an extremely advanced, a.b.d. (read: nearly finished) Ph.D. candidate at Marquette University in Milwaukee. He studies American history in general and suburban history in particular, but his interests range far and wide. Apart from his academic specialties, Christopher comes to H&E with a great deal of writing, teaching, archival, and conference presentation experience.

Apart from his bona fides, we’ve been friends and colleagues for the past five years or so. I first met Christopher through my wife, but he and I have spent a lot of time together at Newberry Library Dissertation Group Meetings, Urban History Seminars at the Chicago History Museum, and in other venues.

Finally, Christopher brings a trait that is most important with regard to this site: he is passionate both about exploring history to the fullest, as well as telling the best, most interesting stories possible.

I believe you’ll find Christopher’s contributions to be as insightful as I do.



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