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Walt Disney And American Children

January 16, 2007

Sometime back I commented on an L.A. Times story about whether Walt Disney was “the great satan of modern mass culture.” With that in mind, today I ran across a book review of a relatively recent, academic work on Disney. The book is authored by Nicholas Sammond and titled, Babes in Tomorrowland: Walt Disney and the Making of the American Child, 1930-1960. This monogram places Disney at the intersection of mid-twentieth-century viewpoints on the formation and education of children in the U.S. The book’s review was written by Stephen Gennaro, and its relevance, aside from unpacking the book’s structure and contents, is that it contains information on other academic books – the historiography – of Disney’s relevance to U.S. cultural history and the history of childhood. For those of you interested in serious discussions about Disney, this looks like as good a starting point as any. – TL


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    glad you liked my review.

    anyone wishing to discuss Disney or looking for more resources can feel free to email me at:


    steve gennaro


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