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Alma Mater’s History Dept. Ranked #6 By Chronicle of Higher Education

January 12, 2007

Loyola sent a news bulletin today of which this was a part:


Department of History Ranked #6

The Chronicle of Higher Education has ranked Loyola’s Department of History #6 among history departments in the U.S., based on faculty scholarly productivity. The listing can be found on p. A11 in the Jan. 12, 2007 edition of the paper, along with rankings in 24 other disciplines.

The Jan. 12 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education contains lists of the top departments in 104 fields, as ranked by their 2005 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, based on faculty publications, grants, honors, awards, etc.

Here is the ranked list for history:

1. Princeton University
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Harvard University
4. University of Maryland at College Park
5. Yale University
6. Loyola University Chicago
6. New York University
8. Ohio State University
9. Rice University
10. Northwestern University


You can’t put a lot of stock into these lists, but it at least shows that part of the higher education establishment views Loyola’s history department as productive. And as a graduate of the same, it’s good to know that one has been trained by respected, productive members of the field.

Frankly I’m amazed at the ranking. The department was hit hard by budget cuts in 2000, losing a number of teaching and research fellowships, as well as a few faculty and potential faculty appointments. You’d think the department would’ve been less productive as a result.

Kudos to Loyola’s History Department! – TL


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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Professor Lacy,

    I was just reading your blog (having been alerted to it by the note you just posted to the H-Ideas list-serv) and I see that you posted a Loyola news bulletin that claimed The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked the Department of History #6 based on faculty scholarly productivity. I do not fault you, but this does not reflect a careful reading of what The Chronicle published (view article here

    In fact, The Chronicle was presenting the findings of the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, which is partly financed by the State University of New York at Stony Brook and produced by Academic Analytics, a for-profit company, that rates faculty members' scholarly output at nearly 7,300 doctoral programs around the country. These are not rankings The Chronicle endorses, or that The Chronicle had any role in formulating. We just felt it was newsworthy to report on this phenomenon.

    Evan Goldstein
    The Chronicle of Higher Education


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