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Striking Numbers On Tenure And FT/PT Employment

December 11, 2006

From AAUP data published today by InsideHigherEd:

Changes in Faculty Status, 1975-2003
Faculty status | 1975 | 1989 | 2003

Full-time tenured | 36.5% | 33.1% | 24.1% (down 12.4%)
Full-time, tenure-track | 20.3% | 13.7% | 11.0% (down 9.3%)
Full-time, non-tenure-track | 13.0% | 16.9% | 18.7% (up 6.7%)
Part-time | 30.2% | 36.4% | 46.3% (up 16.1%)

– TL


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  1. TL–

    These kind of stats always leave room for some massaging. It's clear that there are more adjuncts and PT teachers than there used to be. But there are also more colleges and universities than there used to be.

    What would be most telling to me is if the shift in the shape of the profession is due to the growth of adult/online programs that rely almost exclusively on PT profs, or if 4 year, liberal arts colleges have changed their hiring practices. These kinds of breakdowns would be relevant to understanding the increasing tuition gaps between CCs and 4 years. They also might provide some insight into the different business models.


  2. CM: The AAUP study, available through a link at the InsideHigherEd story, talks more about the breakdown you're mentioning. – TL


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