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University of Phoenix: The Mormon Connection

October 3, 2006

After reading an story, I discovered that the University of Phoenix is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: the Mormons. I had no idea.

Moreover, as of a week ago there is a USEEOC class-action lawsuit against the University of Phoenix (UoP) for religious bias in the workplace. Apparently some non-Mormon UoP advisors/counselors were treated poorly in terms of key job evaulation factors.

Perhaps like others, I sometimes assume that internet phenomena come out of the blue. Or, in the case of UoP, I thought it was an education company started by a bunch of guys in a garage in the San Francisco bay area or Seattle. The electronic age often deprives us of that grounding that comes from person-to-person knowledge. I concede that person-to-person communications also often result in rumors and misinformation, but I still think one learns more in that mode. This perhaps explains why I think internet learning is inadequate (covered in another post below). – TL


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